Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Undead hordes shamble forth

The undead have arisen from their graves as my new army for Kings of War is starting to take shape.

With this army I wanted to go for your classic vampire, skeleton and ghost combo that gives off the Transylvania vibe. So no mummies and Pharaohs as they didn't fit the theme I have in mind. Also I had to rule out zombies as I painted hundreds for my Zombicide board games and the thought of painting another makes me feel a bit queasy(though I am sure I will feel the same way about skeletons shortly). No shooting either as not only do I think the options for this in the undead list are pants but I wanted an all melee force just to keep things different from my Goblins that have a lot of firepower.

That leaves me with lots of skellies,wights and wraiths as my main army core along with some obligatory soul reaver cav and a dragon, because who doesn't like dragons.

First up we have the wights. These are mantics wight models and I went with a ghostly paint job for these chaps.

 Here we have the necromancer from the mortis engine that I will be using to represent soul reaver cav. He has a fade from black at the top of his cloak down to Incubi darkness at the bottom. Still a work in progress.
 Next some spirits for use as wraiths.

 And here we have my vampire lord on undead dragon.
The dragon is a reaper bones model that has been slightly re-posed and he is perched on top of a sepulchur from the GW garden of Morr scenery set. This is not a great picture unfortunatley!
 This was my first experiment with blending going from the nihilak oxide to the incubi darkness on the cloak of the vampire lord. It was quite a bit of effort but I am pretty pleased with how it came out

These two chaps are a couple of examples from about 40 skellies that have been recently painted.

They are two different colour / wash bases and I went for a spectral look for the face to represent the fact that they have been freshly re animated.
 There is a lot of them ready to be based and I think I will mix and match the two different kinds for a bit of variation. Also the banner still needs to be finished,

So that is it for now, next up to the painting table will be finishing the mortis engine and some progress on the bases.

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