Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Welcome to my new Blog

Hello there and welcome to my new Blog.

This blog will be focusing on my hobby activities, namely kings of war and other board/miniature games. Hopefully posting my progress will help keep my motivation up and help me whittle away at the massive backlog of models currently amassed in the dining room.

Enough of the pre amble , lets get stuck into what is currently going on.

 First of all we have an overview of the omni shambles that is my dining hobby room!

I have recently got a rather tasty airbrush setup in the form of a badger renegade krome and a spray booth. I have been playing around with this and it is an impressive bit of kit.

Also in the photo we can see large portions of a deadzone lockdown kickstarter pledge some bases for trees and bases for my KOW undead army and the new imperial knight renegade game from GW that I am currently magnetising for some big stompy robot goodness. I don't play 40k but the knight models and a nice quick game included was too tempting.

There is also some of the new mantic wights in the shot too that will be getting a very ghostly paint job.

Currently on the painting table we have:

 Here we have a GW mortis engine model that is roughly 60% complete
 Some ebay skellies that will be multibased
Some GW spirit hosts for use as wraiths in KOW and a rider for my undead vampire lord on dragon.

More info on the Undead KOW army in the future and some posts on my Deadzone Scenery and Veermyn faction to come as well.

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