Sunday, 29 May 2016

Deadzone 2.0 scenery mega build

Quite recently I had an extremely large box full of stuff arrive from mantic. Amongst all the models was an absolute boatload of their new industrial scenery terrain.

I have used pretty much all of it to make some ace looking buildings and other bits and pieces.

These are currently awaiting a bit of primer amongst a few other bits of sci fi scenery.
After I get a layer of primer down next on the agenda will be deciding a paint scheme. My current  line of thinking is maybe a dark greyish purple effect with lots of metals and bits of rust here and there.

Right, now the pre amble is done with its on to the pictures!

First up we have a 3 story building with a gantry and pipes down the side amd some lamps on the back.

I wanted this one to look like it was venting noxious gases from the pies either side so I imagine it to be some sort of foundry. In terms of gameplay who doesnt love high sniping points?

 From this angle you can see trhough the vent from the platform giving different lines of sight for firing through.
 Not quite sure what this bit is. The long bits that I have used as stilts I couldnt really find a purpose for and still have a lot left over. I will probably use this ontop of other buildings in a modular manner to add a bit of variety.
 This is supposede to be a storage area for barrels, crates and such. Another one of those leftover bits and pieces jobbies.
 Pipe mania! I like these bits as you can have them stuck next to the sides of buildings and this again is a lovely modular feature of the DZ terrain.

A lot of bits of the pipe go into the ground which I like to think connects to an underground network of buildings and pipes.
 Two rather similar looking barricades. I would imagine these to be manned by soldiers guarding a checkpoint or lookout.
 Simple two story tower with gantry
 Damaged pipe network.
 Another little cubed building. Can't get enough of those. The spare pipe endings make for great featueres to stick on some of the blank panels.
 This is supposed to be an exposed vent shaft which also got used for a few tests when I first got my airbrush.
 The Pièce de Résistance here is a 3x3 cubed  building with as small section on top. I really wanted to make a big building, so I did!
 I also went all out with the conveyor sections making  them into two large pieces. I would say having a long length of the conveyor is more authentic because nobody is using a conveyor belt for a couple of meters right?

Anyway coupled with the bits that link to the conveyor I can use these to join lower buildings to higher ones.

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