Thursday, 23 June 2016

June Tides of War Tournament

The June Tides of war tournament was held recently in the Bristol independent gaming centre. This was a 4 game kings of war tournament with 50 minute chess clock rounds.

 As I haven't quite got my undead list ready for action and there is still a few units to paint I decided to take my goblins to the event.

I had put together a variation of the goblin listing had been using in the league and it looked like this :

Sharpsticks horde
Spitter horde x2
Mawbeast regiment
Troll horde with brew of haste
Fleabag sniff regiment
Mincer x2
War trombone x2
King on chariot
Flaggit with the boomstick
Wiz x2 both with bane chant and one with inspiring talisman

After the initial introductions etc I was directed to my first opponent for the first game . This was a loot scenario against night stalkers.

My opponent deployed to try and take the two counters on his left flank and leave me the one on the right.

His army was shooting heavy with a few hordes of what i think was the large cav. I am not too familiar with the nightstalkers and all their different units but had a fair grasp of what everything did.he also had some goblin allies in the form of a troll hhorde and  war trombone .

I lost this game pretty decisively and could have secured a draw with some better roles from my shooting on a unit with a loot counter atthe very end of the gsme.
The stealth rule of the nightstalkers and the fact that I had taken too much shooting did not help with this. It was a fun game and we both had a fair bit of time leftover on the clock so it was nice to not feel pressured.

Next game up was against a kingdoms of men army in a dominate scenario.this list had a bit of everything with a beast of war,heavy pike block,some cavalry,ballistas,some chaff troops and a bezerker regiment as well as some dwarven allies in the form of a greater earth elemental and an elemental horde with a stone priest as well as a few other bits and pieces.

This game went well with me destroying his chaff through shooting,his war machines didn't do a great deal of damage and I secured my right flank while some u it's held up the centre.on my last turn on the final turn pile in I had a lot more in the 12 inch radius than my opponent but my clock ran out of time so all my units were routed as a result and snatched a defeat from the jaws of victory. It was disappointing to lose on a tech locality and by this point I as regretting all the shooting I had brought in my list due to it being both ineffective and time consuming.

So after two losses we headed to lunch and my place atthe bottom table was in the bag.not quite how I had envisaged my goblins to perform to say the least.

After lunch I was paired up against an empire of dust army  for the Pillage scenario.we rolled up give counters and deployed them across the table.the empire of dust had a couple of skeleton hordes and a regiment as well as some archer troops and regiment,some monstrous creatures and characters with breath weapons were also in the mix.on top of this there was a bone dragon,two units of carrion and a Pharaoh with wings.

The game started with me overwhelming the left flank while my opponent dominated the right with his flying circus. In the end it was a draw with a slight kill point advantage to my opponent. This was another game that was tight on time with my opponent running out of time and the tournament organise coming over to hurry us along.

Final game was against a varangur army that went on to take best painted. It was very nice to look at and had a couple of mounted hero's and three big hordes of footsoldiers. There was also a chaos troll horde,two magus conclaves,a chimera with wings and a troop of cavalry.

 We struggled for time again which was unfortunate.this one started with a lot of action on my left flank where I held up the enemy main line while I managed to advance on the right and take out the magus conclaves putting me in the enemy half. This one ended in a draw as I didn't quite get the 200 point difference in forces on the other side of the board.

All in all it was a fun day, the opponent's were all good and very sporting and many dice were rolled.

I think the fifty minutes per game made things a little too tight. This was made worse when you consider the amount of shooting I had. Overall my list was a bit pants,the shooting not powerful enough and the rest of my army too varied.

I think getting rid of one or both of the spitter hordes ,the king,the troll bruiser and the trolls and adding more wartrombones mawbeasts and another giant would be a good idea as well as maybe a flying king for disruption of shooter hordes and war machines.

Next tournament it will be time for the undead to make an appearance. They are almost done with a few soul reaver infantry to be painted another horde of skeleton sand one individual characters.

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