Friday, 10 June 2016

Some completed painting projects

Progress on my undead army is coming along nicely now. As usual the first units to be finished are the characters and interesting models rather than the arduous task of finishing off rank and file troops.

I have tried to make the photos a bit better despite them being taken with a camera phone. First off we have a necromancer. I went with a dark green at the bottom and then black at the top blend for his robe and gave him a red collar. I went for strong highlights on his cloak and also put in the ethereal paint scheme for the skull in his hand and the one on the base to give it the impression that he is reanimating them.

Next up is this mounted vampire. I went with the same paint scheme for the horse barding and then used the red on the cloak.

Undead standard bearer 

Finally we have the fully completed vampire on 
dragon with his base now painted and a few different tufts stuck here and there.

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