Friday, 3 June 2016

Mini review - Gamers grass

Today on the blog we have a mini review of some gamers grass products that I purchased recently.

These are to go on my undead army bases for a barren wasteland effect and I brought quite a few different ones to give me a good variety.

In the past I have used battlefields tufts by army painter, mininature and silfor tufts and found them to be good quality and easy to use. As a result the gamers grass product would have to be something pretty special to beat the other tufts I have used.

The shipping was very quick from Portugal and came in a small package with some bubble wrap inside.

I ordered the following tufts:
Beige 6mm wild
Beige XL wild
Dark olive shrub
Lavender flowers
Dry tuft 6mm wild
Dark moss 2mm wild

The wild tufts are an assortment of different sizes and shapes which I thought would be handy and save time pulling apart tufts and sticking multiple tufts together to create less of a uniform look. 
I mean come on what army marches to war on bases where the tufts all look identical?

Let's get on to the photos now so you can see what they are like.

From top to bottom we have the beige 6mm the moss, olive shrub,dry tufts,lavender flowers and the xl beige tufts.

Close-up of the xl beige tufts
 The lavender tufts here look superb.
 These olive shrubs will look great at 28mm
 Moss in various different shapes

To conclude this mini review I would say that I am really pleased with this product and it is very good compared to the others that I have tried.

As you can see from the Pictures they are great looking tufts.

The lavender flowers and the olive bushes look really unique and I'm sure I will get lots of compliments on these once they are attached to the bases.

The moss is really good as well,although not quite as realistic as the lavender flowers and olive bushes they give a  bit of extra variation on bases that adds to the overall effect and also could be stuck onto buildings and bits of wall etc.

The total cost of all these tufts was around £18 including shipping and I think they offer good value for money when you consider the quality and detail involved.

Overall I am very happy with these tufts and will get another post up so.etime soon with them on finished bases.

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